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CMC: A Century of Recycling

Commercial Metals Company began in 1915 as a single family owned and operated scrap metal processing facility in Dallas, Texas. More than a century later, CMC has grown into an organization at the forefront of the metals recycling, manufacturing and fabricating industries. With recycling locations across the southern and eastern United States, we have the capacity to process and ship more than four million tons of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal annually.

In collaboration with our partners throughout the United States and around the world, we buy, sell, process and manage scrap for large and small companies and organizations. CMC holds a steadfast commitment to the highest levels of customer service, safety, environmental, ethical and legal standards. We are dedicated to maintaining this commitment in all transactions and dealings with our customers, suppliers and business partners.

Commercial Metals Company operates three primary lines of business:


CMC purchases, processes and ships scrap metals globally for use as raw materials by manufacturers of new ferrous and nonferrous metal products. Learn more about CMC Recycling here.


CMC produces finished long steel products, including rebar, merchant bar, t-post stock and wire rod, as well as semi-finished billets. Learn more about CMC's mills here.


CMC offers rebar fabrication, steel fence T-post manufacturing, heat treating and construction service warehouses. Learn more about CMC's fabrication here.

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Safety is a top priority.

At Commercial Metals Company the safety and well-being of our employees is a top priority. Our goal is to do our work the right way – the correct, consistent and safe way of doing our jobs.

Our CMC family depends on our workers’ ability to be safe and secure at work and in their everyday lives. Our employees’ families depend on them coming home safe each day after work.

We strive to promote a safe and healthy environment for all our employees, contractors, vendors, partners and customers, and for our surrounding communities. While you are on site, we appreciate your cooperation in following our site-specific policies to best ensure your safety.

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Two CMC Recycling employees in hardhats and hi-vis jackets looking at scrap pile.
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