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Located less than one mile from Elon University, CMC Recycling in Burlington serves Alamance County and all surrounding counties, providing full-service metal scrap recycling for industrial, small businesses and individuals.

When you visit, you will find courteous, knowledgeable experts ready to help you with loads of any size, large or small. We are truly your recycling partner, here to help you leverage the highest value for your unique scrap metal recycling needs. Our yard is clean, fast and secure, offering a customer unloading area that is safe and efficient. Walk-in customers are always welcome!

CMC Recycling is a proud member of Alamance Chamber of Commerce. Our dedicated team of professionals strives to make a difference in our community through community involvement and environmental stewardship.

Monthly Rewards

Earn more $$ for your scrap metals!

Copper & Brass

Two Treats, Two Tuesdays

October 22nd and October 29th

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Current Pricing

Nonferrous Scrap Metal Prices (per LB)

No. 1 Copper


No. 2 Copper


Insulated CU Wire #1 50%


Insulated CU Wire #2 40%


Yellow Brass


Refinery Brass (>50%)


Brass Radiators


Aluminum Cans


Sheet Aluminum


Cast Aluminum


PTD Aluminum Siding


Aluminum Clips (MLC)


Aluminum / Copper Reefers


Alum / Copper Reefers (w/FE)


Aluminum Coolers


304 Stainless Steel


Clean Lead


Lead Batteries - Automotive


Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices (per 100 LBs)

#1 Prepared


#1 Unprepared




Payment Guidelines

Customers must present a valid U.S. issued driver’s license or a North Carolina state ID card. Payments for scrap reimbursement will be issued in the form of check or cash using our ATM, unless it exceeds the maximum ATM limit.

Also, state law requires current HVAC licensing to recycle HVAC related scrap.

If you have any questions, please call our office.

What We Don't Accept

  • Hazardous waste (including asbestos)
  • PCB/Transformers/Capacitors
  • Any CFCs
  • Radioactive materials
  • Mercury / mercury switches
  • Sealed containers
  • Liquids of any type
  • Radioactive materials
  • Flammable materials
  • Trash, garbage, concrete and other non-recyclable items
  • Broken, cracked, or leaking batteries
  • Office machines and electronic equipment, such as fax machines, copiers, scanners, computers and monitors
  • Materials with strong or objectionable odors
  • Materials containing asbestos
  • Unidentifiable materials
  • Containers with free-flow liquids (paint, oil, gasoline, etc)
  • Flammable or combustible material
  • Fluorescent light bulbs or ballast
  • This list in not intended to be all-inclusive. Please call to verify any questionable material.

"Highly recommend coming here. Very clean yard with quick and exceptional service!"

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