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Sell your scrap metal


CMC Recycling welcomes anyone who recycles scrap metal, with most of our locations equipped and ready to serve individual recyclers! Individual visitors to our locations will be met by our friendly and experienced staff who can assist with all your recycling needs. Whether you'll visit every week or just once or twice a year, our staff are ready to walk you through the entire process - from sorting, grading and evaluating your scrap, to assessing the value and processing payment.

In addition, many of our locations feature a streamlined recycling service for individual recyclers designed to quickly get the recycler on-the-go through the process and on to the rest of their day. Many of our locations call this approach Recycling Express, and it brings a quick, efficient process for recycling smaller amounts of scrap metal conveniently and easily. CMC personnel will assist you through each step in the metals recycling process – ideal for first time recyclers, as well as seasoned veteran metal recyclers!


CMC Recycling provides expert recycling services for commercial organizations and small businesses, working closely with owners, managers and employees from large commercial companies to small, locally-owned businesses. From home builders and plumbers to mechanics, electricians and others, we help businesses get the best value for the scrap material they bring in. Our team is ready to work with you to develop a recycling solution tailor-made to meet your requirements based on the size and scale of your work and volume of scrap metal you produce.

Find a CMC Recycling Location Near You


We appreciate your interest in joining the CMC Recycling team! We’re always looking for experienced and talented individuals. To see a full list of our current job openings, please visit
Many of our CMC Recycling locations do accept cars as well as crushed automobile feedstock at certain yards. We recommend that you visit or contact your local CMC Recycling location prior to bringing an automobile, as not all our locations are equipped to accept and process vehicles and you will need to provide proof of ownership.
CMC Recycling is specifically a metal recycling organization, so we do not accept glass, cardboard or nonmetal items. For a detailed listing of scrap metal we accept, please visit your local CMC Recycling yard’s webpage. Find your local CMC Recycling facility.
Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team will carefully evaluate all the scrap metal that you bring in to determine its content, which will assist us in determining the price we’ll be able to offer you. Please feel free to ask questions – our team will be more than happy to explain anything you’d like to know regarding this process!
The scrap metal prices CMC offers are dependent on market conditions, so they vary regularly. They also differ depending on location. Check the pricing page for your nearest location to see the most current pricing, or you can call your nearest location to confirm pricing.
Please call the nearest CMC Recycling location to you, as we may be able to arrange a pick-up or roll-off so we can process your scrap metal or we can recommend someone in your area. If you are a large, commercial company with multiple locations, please reach out to our Global Scrap Management Services team at +1.888.384.0064. Please also note that certain locations only provide service to businesses or companies, and not individual recyclers.
The process for issuing payment in exchange for your scrap metal varies from  location to location, and often depends on various state and city regulations and ordinances. The staff at your local CMC Recycling yard can discuss the payment process with you and answer any of your questions.
We accept scrap metals from A to Z including aluminum and zinc, iron or steel, copper, brass and other metals. For a complete listing of the types of metal scrap accepted at your local yard, please see your location’s page.
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