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Recycle today, improve tomorrow.

Why recycle? Because it just makes sense. The natural resources we conserve now, ensure more remain for future generations.

Recycling is not new, trendy or a fad, it's necessary. That is why, at CMC, recycling scrap metal has been our mission from our very beginning more than a century ago. In that time, we've recycled countless millions of tons of scrap metal - all of which was processed into raw material used to create new products and structures all over the world. When you recycle your scrap metal with us today, you're contributing to this great legacy - not to mention doing your part to help minimize the impact we all have on the environment.

Incredibly, all of the steel produced at CMC's highly efficient electric arc furnace (EAF) minimills and micromills - from rebar and T-post fence posts, to angles, channels and other long products - is made using 100% recycled ferrous scrap metal. What's more, by using a scrap-based EAF steel making process, our CO2 emissions are eight times less than the global steel making average and we are able to help preserve our natural resources.

And that's just a start. CMC is continuously working to innovate new solutions for protecting our environment. In addition, we take great pride in working with local and national governments, chambers of commerce, law enforcement agencies and other organizations where our facilities are located to support additional efforts to improve the communities where we live and work.

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